"Smart" login on PC

My wife and I are using Zwift on the same computer with touching screens and it’s really annoying to log out and log in everytime.
I’m dreaming for a “smart” login screen as it is on tablet with 2 account and only click on once or the other to get instantly connected.
Don’t know if it has been posted already but i can’t be the only one in this case !
Maybe there’s a solution for that that i’m not aware of.

Sorry for my english and thank you for reading.

You run two instances of the game on the same computer?

I’m not really sure what you mean by two instances, but basically we run Zwift on the same computer and log everytime on our respective account, but have to enter each time mail and password.

That clarifies the issue. Yes this has been requested previously.

Although provided you have the passwords and emails stored it’s a very quick operation to click change user and click on the username box and select the relevant account which then populates the password.

Takes seconds.

The only way i know, to change user, is to manually disconnect, type again my mail in the bar and the password.
I can’t really save or pre-type anything.
So maybe i’m missing something but i didn’t really understand your answer (might be because of my English).

Thank you for your answer

Ok. Maybe it’s not suitable for you to auto save user names & passwords.

That would certainly speed things up.

My wife has an account and we share computer. I can change users in 10 seconds.

do you not have to enter your password each time though? I don’t think mine saves passwords - i rarely log out but think i have to enter the password if i do.

Nope. Both passwords are saved so when you click on the corresponding username it populates the password.

Not that Mrs M has graced the treadmill for some time…

how long ago? mine used to but doesn’t anymore

FWIW - I have the option to save credentials enabled on my computer, but I have to enter the password occasionally. The email address is saved, but not the password.
It used to save the password, but does not any longer.

Tested again this morning and i concede that passwords are no longer stored like they used to.
So it’s not quite as easy as made out.

Usernames are there but it doesn’t auto populate the password.