Swap user with a button, not email and password

Me and my partner use the same device for zwifting, often both during the same day. It would be very convenient for us not having to enter all our credentials each time we swap user.

In place of this, once we log in and have selected “save my credentials”, next time there should just be a button on the login screen with our avatar on, and clicking it would automatically log that user in, kind of like when you load a save file in a computer game.

Please and thank you :slight_smile:

It already works like this - at least that’s how it is on my Apple TV.

It definately doesn’t work that way on the PC client. Which makes it even weirder - if it’s already implemented in the iOS client, why not on PC?

Strong agree! It doesn’t work with a button on iOS app, companion app, or Mac OS, would love to see this feature.

HOWTO: Configure Windows to remember Zwift application passwords

David Desrosiers’ blog post is almost four years old, but maybe it’s still the best workaround to get the PC to remember your Zwift passwords. Find his post here.

It works for us. We have multiple users on a PC and don’t have to reenter passwords.

This enhancement request goes back to at least January 2015: “‘Remember Me’ or ‘Save Password’ Feature," and the request got plenty of up votes.