Remember multiple logons and passwords

We’re probably in the minority but my wife and I ride together every day… However, when I want to ride a race or event, I want to use her 70" flat screen rather than my laptop (go figure).  I have to click that it’s not her, enter my logon and password with small BLE keyboard (which bounces ever other key), click “Remember Me”, and when finished with the ride, restart the app, re-enter her logon/password so the next time she rides, she doesn’t have to go through the process of entering her creds all over again… and bitch at me for not resetting her stuff. 

Since we’re not worried about someone breaking into the house and adding miles to our totals or help us get that Everest challenge, it would be really nice that if you clicked “Remember Me”, it would… well… remember!  Better yet, if you could just click a radio button on a list of people that had already clicked “Remember Me” in the app… so… well… they’d be remembered and just logged on!

Windows? If so, there’s something easier than what you’re going through.

Steve R,

We currently do this on iOS & TVOS, so you are certainly not in the minority in terms of wanting this. the log in procedure is different for TVOS and iOS vs Mac/PC, which is why the former have it now and the latter do not. But we certainly recognize that people do want and need this.


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Many thanks Jordan!  Appreciate the response and look forward to this and all the other great changes you all are making!

Steve, my wife uses a Mac Mini and I use a Windows laptop.  It’s the Mac I was talking about but it would be nice on Windows too.

Just chiming in as another dual Zwifting household where this would be useful.  It is of course not a vital issue but it would be a nice usability improvement. 

Steve Ricketts: 

Here’s a blog post on “HOWTO: Configure Windows to remember Zwift application passwords.” Basically, it uses the Windows interface for remembering usernames and passwords for internet accounts.

If I remember correctly, that is the post I used to guide my getting this set up successfully in Windows. It works for more than one account on the same Windows computer.

On the same site is another post of interest, HOWTO: Fully automated Zwift login on Mac OS X. I don’t have any experience with the Mac. 

Sorry Steve, both links seem to be dead.  I think I’ve seen that Mac article before… creating scripts, messing with Keychain… tried it and it never really worked.  Looking for something really simple and click (one preferably) to switch between authorized users.

Odd about the links – I tested them today in the post here as I wrote it. But they’re not working for me either at this moment.

EDIT – and 90 minutes later the links are working:

The Mac process does “leverage the OS X Keychain to store your Zwift email address and password.”