remember me password feature at game launch

is there any way save  a password at launch so as not to have to type it in? might be a useful feature unless theres a specific reason not to have this feature.

I second this!


Hi Guys,

On the login screen, click your email address and then press the TAB button on your keyboard, then your password will be filled in.

Works for me :slight_smile:

Good luck

didnt work for me. still have to manually input password. not a problem but ‘remember me’ functionality would be great

I would like to see this too. On other similar apps you dont need to login every time and these details are saved.

This really needs fixing - it’s very annoying especially as my password is randomly generated by Safari, so I have to look it up each time!

What is the point really in defaulting to not remembering the password? If there is only one user, it is safe to remember the password. After all, most operating systems have user accounts.

Ditto here.  Easy fix for zwift.  Please make it happen.  It’s very inconvenient having to type the password every time I ride.  You could at least make it work with services like