"Remember Me" check box

I would like to see a “Remeber Me” check box on login form so that I dont have to type them in every time I want to ride Zwift. Thanks


yes please!!!




The current system discourages complex passwords as one has to have a memorable password. Having a member me would actually result in improved security.

I really want that! yes please!

I agree with both the convenience aspect missing, and the comment regarding how it can naturally lead to lower security within the platform.  Strong passwords are often not easy or quick to enter into forms manually.

Just imagine if all your apps that required internet access asked you to log in every time you started the respective app…

I agree completely about the security problem. No way will everyone try and remember an 18 character random password. Much better to either have an easy interface with password managers or store a token to allow auto login.

Another “yes please”. 

Well, not 5 minutes after I posted the above, I went to login and there it is on the Login page.

Thanks Zwift.