Remember Pswd + Keep logged in

This sounds silly but for the sake of Beta improvements: at startup can you add a button that will “save password” and “keep logged in”? so that it just starts right up? Sorry if this was asked before ( new to zwift)

Seconded! Or at least something that saves the username and password, even if we still need to click “Log In.” Having to re-type them every time makes re-joining a ride pretty difficult!

Dear Zwift:  ironically when I “logged in” for submitting this information there was a physical box on Zwift to “save password” with Internet Explorer. I’m referencing the actual program itself on my PC, not IE.

I’d like the “save password” feature too!

I’d prefer a cookie/other mechanism than have a browser do it for me - I’m guessing this is all html5 or similar then if my non-default browser is getting in the way and offering to remember a password.

Not a fan of ie or edge :frowning:

Agreed. The app needs a “Remember Me” or “Stay Logged In” feature. I use a password manager, so I have non-trivial passwords. With the Zwift app, I have to open up my password manager and, since there’s also no copy-and-paste support, type the randomly generated password string in manually.