Re-enter password and Password manager

For some reason I recently need to reenter my password each time I log onto the ZWIFT app on my laptop (windows). Why is that. Remember me box is ticked.
Also, I am wondering why the app does not support a password manager. I am using 1Password.


I think it might be an issue with that password manager solution as it works fine with mine (Dashlane) .
Maybe others can confirm for the other popular ones…

I don’t have “remember me” box ticked because above Password manager negates need for it . Yours should do to , otherwise its probably not a very good solution if it still requires you to store passwords in browser and other caches.

That aside , when you do an update in some circumstances it does still need password to be rediscovered for me (Probably the interaction is a bit different then) . but in general not.

KeePass works great. It’s totally offline and out of the browser (Firefox Nightly, in my case). It can enter login info into any kind of window, not just a browser, and the destination has no idea where the login info came from so it can’t be hacked from that end. Actually, I always turn Firefox off when Zwifting because sometimes it pops up notifications from other sites. That doesn’t actually interfere with Zwift; it’s just annoying. Ride on !

Hi @Ian_Wachters

As I understand it, the Zwift launcher uses Internet Explorer (IE), which has a built in password manager feature. You’ll likely need to adjust your settings in IE so that your Zwift username and password are remembered/auto-filled when you open the launcher.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (e.g. type Internet Explorer in the search bar at the bottom of your screen)
  2. Click on the “Settings” (gear) icon.
  3. Select “Internet options.”
  4. Go to the “Content” tab.
  5. Click “Settings” under the AutoComplete section.
  6. Where is shows “Manage Passwords", you can check the box for “User names and passwords on forms” and “Ask me before saving passwords”.
  7. You can also press the “Manage Passwords” button to see more information about what passwords are currently stored.

Not any longer. It changed to Edge fairly recently.


Didn’t realize that. Thanks for the update.

If that’s the case, I suppose one can press “Settings” in Edge, then select “Passwords” and manage it from there.

Thanks all. I guess it’s the change to Edge that messed things up. I never use Edge an therefore 1Password was not activated in Edge. Have done that now and hope it will be fine. Ian

A point of clarification- the core problem is that you cannot paste into the password field, which is why password managers aren’t working.

All password managers have a fallback that allows you to simply copy/paste passwords, but the Zwift app seems to have restricted this to only allow you to manually type into it.

Please at least support copy/paste on the login screen.

(MacOS user here)

Hi @Zach_Y

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Regarding not being able to copy+paste the password into the Zwift Launcher on macOS, I’ve raised up that specific point to the team for clarification. I’ll let you know when I have more information. Thanks!

KeePass on Windows 11 works fine. However, it’s not trying to paste the user name and password into the fields. It only sends keystroke info and the app can’t tell the difference; it just looks the same to the prog as if the user was actually typing. The app can’t track back to KeePass and KeePass is totally offline so no security issues there either.

I have stored my password for some time in edge on my win10 laptop, but does not help. Well it works as long as i don’t use the maintenance program ccleaner wichs removes cookies and temporary files, after that i have to type my user and password even tough it’s saved in edge.
And i have also exluded zwift cookies in cccleaner settings.


Now it works, i went to edge://settings/privacy and clear browsing data, chhose what to clear
And unticked cookies (passswords where already unticked)

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