Remember log-in information

Please add a feature to remember log-in information - this is a real PITA when starting up the App prior to a ride both on MAC and WIN platforms.

Most voted-for request. First asked for at least 11 months ago, still to be implemented despite its popularity. =(–Remember-Me-or-Save-Password-Feature-

Hmmm. Being a long-time Strava user, I’m starting to feel very much at home…

And at least three suggestions for this on the front page of feature requests. Zwift, please don’t be a strava regarding feature requests. 


Definitely planned.

Regarding not getting to feature requests: please remember we are a very small company. It may take some time, but we do add features as people request them (also dependent on their impact across the game) :wink:

1/4 of the staff or not, you both have feature requests that have languished for a long time.  I’m no programmer, but I suspect this very basic one could have implemented in the time that has been spent responding to the numerous requests for this feature.

It’s not quite as easy as you might expect, but it’s on our list. Thanks for your patience!

Being of the programming type, I can imagine this is not a five-minute job, probably requiring a serious refactor of the core framework. Hindsight blah blah :wink:

Definitely required though, as is a the way the entire UI is structured; there needs to be control panel that you log into, from where you access your settings, options, option to view, options to ride or train, and to which you return after quitting a ride.

This shoud be of high priority as it is very annoying



Wish I could just get on my bike and ride, but no… gotta freakin log in again … oh, and then I finish a workout and the app closes. Now gotta log in again … gahhh!!!

I wonder why there is even a login requirement to start the app. Why not require login during installation, and after that just let me open the app and run. Netflix on iPad for example, has no login requirement after installation. 

Difficult or not, at more than a year since this was first requested, IMO it should have been done by now.  I’d be more patient if the planned items were listed somewhere in order of priority. Despite the very impressive rate of change with Zwift, I’m not inclined to pay for something where these requests languish in a holding pattern

At the very least just add the box to remember what we typed in last. That way when it comes up the username/password boxes are already populated and we can just click Login. This is drastically less complicated than an auto-login and storing the password and at least will allow us to get running quicker. 

Is there a way to create a simple script for this on our computer.  was experimenting with it without success.  It would look something like this?



Turns out there is a pretty good work around and excellent writeups of how to use it.


Thanks, works great!

Thanks and worked for me too… Ride On!

Thank you for the link to such a great tutorial! I really appreciate it. I have followed the directions to the best of my understanding, but when I click the Automator Zwift login icon that now lives in my dock, it opens the Zwift application to the login screen properly, but does not input my username/password from keychain. I feel like I need to make coding changes referenced as ‘tunable’. but I am not sure what to do. I named the Keychain file and title just as recommended in the tutorial. Thanks in advance for your help!


Andrew, I didn’t write the HOWTO’s I just posted the link. Sorry but I don’t know anything about Macs. I thought they just worked.

You might want to contact the HOWTO author David A. Desrosiers. There may be a link from his blog (the HOWTO is just a blog posting). He is on facebook as well where the Zwift Riders group (and others are).

– Jon