Separate iPhone companion apps for two users

I’ve been on Zwift using an Apple 4k TV for 2 yrs and have been using the Companion app and it works well. My wife just joined Zwift, has a separate paid account, but uses the same Apple 4k TV as me. We downloaded the Companion app onto her iPhone. When she rides Zwift on her account and opens the Companion app on her phone, my name and my info are on her Companion app and I can’t figure out how to get her Companion app to recognize her as being the one riding. Solution? Thanks in advance.

Log out of the ZCA and make sure she is logging in using her email address and password.

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Hi @E_Borgnes
If 1) both the game app and the Companion app are logged in to the same account, and 2) both devices are on the same WiFi network, it should work as expected. Please verify both points are correct?

That might be the problem. I did not log out of my Companion app on my phone, but then I didn’t think that I needed to since she downloaded the Companion app onto her phone and it never asked for her to sign in. Therefore, I assume that the shared Apple TV or our shared wifi only allows one person to be signed into the Companion app at a time. Right?

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Are you and your wife both on iPhones with family sharing activated, that might be the cause, but you should be able to log out on her phone and have her log back in without issue.