Zwift Companion Set Up


I’m new to the Zwift World and I’m looking for some guidance on the Companion App.

My current setup is: I run the Zwift App through my iPhone hard wired with a lightning / HDMI cable displaying on a big screen, what would be the best way to run/use the Companion App? could I in anyway use the iPhone in parallel for both Zwift & and Zwift Companion?


If you’re running Zwift on your iPhone, you can’t use the Companion app on the same iPhone. You’ll need another phone or an iPad.

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That’s what I thought, wasn’t sure how they sync whilst riding, does the apps do that or is there some sort of bluetooth setup between the 2?

The connection between the Zwift App and the ZCA is done over your local network.

Cheers, I’ve just been browsing the support pages and found some useful info

Thanks for your help

The Zwift Companion App is a buggy piece of code. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I spent a month trying to figure out why it would not work with my setup, finally got it to work by setting the router firewall to low. Then, Zwift updated the App and POOF, it doesn’t work again. I finally just gave up on it. It is more trouble and time than it is worth.