Zwift Companion App on iPhone

I recently migrated over to Apple TV and have been using the companion app on my Samsung Galaxy phone but have now just taken delivery of a new iPhone. I cant see on the app now the game or dashboard etc only my activity logs or or other riders etc. I went and got the old Galaxy fired that up and the game as I am cycling is on there along with the dashboard so why is it not showing on the iPhone!! or are ios and Android app different to use.
Be glad for any feedback, thanks

You need to make sure that both the device running Zwift and the iPhone are connected to the same router/network, the iPhone cannot connect if it is only on cell service.

The TV is on ethernet cable and phone on wifi to same router. The samsung phone works fine so not sure what else it can be.

Try turning off cell data and see if that works.

I have my PC connected via Ethernet cable and my iPhone via wireless and have never had an issue with them connecting.

Thanks, I was just reading about that so have done it and will give it a try later. Fingers crossed.

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While the Companion app will typically work w/out doing the following, I still do it as a habit to eliminate any Companion app quirks. It is likely overkill :smile:, but :man_shrugging:

I usually put my phone in airplane mode (forcing WiFi) AND do not disturb mode. Then, I force quit all apps. Once Iā€™m in Zwift and moving, I will then launch the Companion app.

Thanks for the advice. Did what was suggested and now it works fine. Was obviously drawing on the data from the phone rather then the wi-fi. Nice to have it all setup and working well.
Thanks once again:grin: