What the heck am I doing wrong?!!? (Zwift Companion)

I was running Zwift on my Iphone 6 and the companion app on an old Ipad. everything was great for a while. Then all of the sudden, The companion app on the iPad was stuck at the desktop or home screen and never went to the map when i was in zwift on my phone. it was like this way for a while so i just gave up and ditched the old iPad and companion app (even though i REALLY like using it). Fast forward to now, I decided to upgrade my platform and get an Apple TV 4k for running zwift. no more wires! I am running zwift on the Apple TV and it works great. I decided to fire up the zwift companion app on my iPhone 6 and it is doing the same thing. It WILL NOT advance to the map and just stays on the home page. Zwift works great. companion app will not go to map to save it’s life. I’ve made 100 percent sure i’m on the same wireless network. (including the same frequency 2.4ghz)  I’ve turned off cellular/turned on airplane mode on my phone. I’ve even gone in and tried port forwarding in the router. i am running out of ideas so here i am. Man, this is frustrating. What am i missing? i’m almost convinced this is something on Zwift’s end but i don’t know. Thanks so much for any help! 

While we won’t be able to research log files from your AppleTV, you should be able to compare the IP address from your AppleTV and the IP address from your iPhone. Instead of sharing that information here, I’ll send you an email. Please check your inbox for us.

Awesome! Thanks David