Zwift Companion App Not Pairing


I use an iPhone 6 plus for the companion app and Apple TV 4k for running Zwift. They both run off the same network and the app knows when I am zwifting as it says so but the screens don’t change to Game as I am lead to believe they do. 

I have force closed / uninstalled and reinstalled both the app and zwift with no success. 

I have tried a full system rest of the apple tv, and app. Reinstalled it all and set the phone to airplane mode and still nothing. 

Any ideas how to solve this problem please? 


I’ve had a similar issue lately -running ZC on iPhone SE/Zwift WinPc. My pc is connected via a wired Ethernet connection, but haven’t had an issue until recently.

To connect what I do is iPhone/settings/WiFi/network>info>renew lease. Works every time but is annoying to do this daily, not sure what’s changed.

Will try WiFi connection for pc and see if that helps.

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That’s good to know. I managed to fix the issue by resetting the router. What I had done was on the router admin page i had changed the 5Ghz name and for some reason, despite all the WiFi working the app and Zwift didn’t recognise they were on the same network (even though it showed they were) Hopefully resetting the router fixed the issue for good but I’ll keep in mind your fix.

Hey Graham, glad to hear you got your Zwift Companion App connecting to your ride! If this happens again please let us know here or send us a support ticket. :)