Zwift Companion on Ipad

Hello fellow Zwifters,
I have zwift running on my iPhone 11 mirrored through Apple TV and Companion running on my IPad (7th gen).

Companion won’t sync to zwift with this setup, however if I swap the apps around to zwift on iPad and companion on iPhone then it works, but zwift on iPad won’t connect to iwatch for heart rate monitor.

I’d prefer to run companion on iPad to make use of the larger screen, (I wear glasses).

I don’t think it’s a WiFi problem as the companion sync works ok when using it on the iPhone.

Any advise please?

One thought that may help… The device which runs Zwift and the device which runs Zwift companion app should be on the same home network. I suspect, if you run two wireless networks at home, e.g., 2G and 5G, you might need to have both on the same 2G or 5G home network, but I did not test it. What I did test (and struggled with figuring out what was wrong for several days) is that when my phone on which I run companion app had wi-fi accidentally turned off and was running on ATT data over the air, companion app would not connect to Zwift, just as you describe.

Evidently, companion app talks to the device which runs your zwift through the local home network and all traffic stays within your home local network, it does not go through the internet as one might think.

So, reboot your router (just in case) and make sure that all your Zwift and companion app running devices are on the same wi-fi home network.

Why aren’t you running Zwift directly on the Apple TV app?

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My guess is, he may have an older generation of AppleTV. Zwift requires at least 4th generation. But any generation can mirror screen.

I didn’t know I could, the zwift app doesn’t appear in Apple TV apps on the screen

Per Andrei’s post: Which model of ATV to you have? The Zwift app apparently won’t run on some of the older models. I use the ATV 4K and Zwift works great. So if you have a recent ATV model you might check the App Store to see if the Zwift app is available for your model.

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I don’t think that is the case as the companion does sync when I run it on the iPhone and zwift on iPad mirrored to tv