iPhone & iPad Mini won’t pair with Zwift Companion now

After being able to my iPhone 11 running Zwift Companion to Zwift via my Apple TV for some time, now I cannot connect Zwift Companion via my iPhone or iPad Mini. Both are running IOS version 16.2. I’ve deleted and reinstalled all apps on all devices. Everything is running on the same WiFi network. Very frustrating to to be able to use the companion app while Zwifting as I had gotten so use to it.

Are you sure they are on the same WiFi network? Not one on 2.4 and the other on 5? Any changes with the location of your router and/or any other potentially interfering items in the area?

Yes. We’re on a private home network that is password protected and all devices are on the same network. No changes to the router location. I’ve tried shutting down all other devices and tried connecting both iPhone and iPad individually with the other shut down totally (thinking there may be interference) and still not connecting.

Not sure if related, but I had a ton of issues with Zwift this morn. One was my companion app would not pair with my iPad Pro no matter how many times I tried - maybe same issue as above? Usually if I have an issue pairing it I double check they are both on the same network and relaunch the Companion App after a hard reset, but this time continuously hard re-launching didn’t work. They were both on the same network too.

Something to try: disable WiFi assist. Companion app dropping out endlessly - #3 by Paul_Allen