Zwift Companion 2

I have reviewed the previous chains re connection issues with Zwift Companion but still no success.

I use an iPad for Zwift game and my iPhone for Companion - both latest IOS 16… Both link to the home wifi. I have seen mention of Mesh but don’t understand those elements. I don’t seem to get any drop-outs.

I have deleted and reinstalled Companion.

Looking at my settings on the ipad and iPhone I have Private wifi Address on both devices.

Anything else I should be looking at?

Hi @Samantha_Ritson, what exactly is the issue you are having?

Are you trying to connect devices (trainer, HRM, power meter, etc) to your ipad through the companion app? Or are you not getting the map screen on your iphone when riding on Zwift indicating that the connection hasn’t been established?

As for the mesh network, that would apply if you have wifi extenders or anything other than just the main wifi device in your home.