Zwift companion does not connect to zwift activity

hi all. i run Zwift on my iPad Pro, and zwift compnion on iphone X.
until two weeks ago it worked together and i was leading zwift events using zwift companion to do the communications.
now after two week of inactivity i wanted to use this combi to do DS in Zwift Racing League two days ago.
But nothing worked. I was in Pen E as expected. the banner never dropped, the time was at 6000minutes to start. and the companion never connected to the zwift activity so i could not shift to the actual race.

to exclude standard error: both devices were connected through the same wifi, bluetooth was active, but lte connectivity turned out. zwift and zwift companion were updated manually just before. and i restarted both devices multiple time to get it running. nothing worked.

any one having ideas what else could be changed to make it work next week?

Hi Max, you are not alone: Companion app won’t connect on iOS

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be fixed yet.

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One thing that might be worth trying is turn off WIFI-Assist on your iphone

WIFI-assist will auto switch your data signal to cellular network if it detects a weak/slow wifi so worth a try.

You can find this under settings > Mobile data then right at the bottom.

thanks but as stated above i had switchef off mobile data to force connection via wifi

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I know this is an old post now, but just to say that I couldn’t get the Zwift Companion app on ios16 to maintain a connection to the Zwift app running on macOS. It would sometimes connect, and then immediately drop. Both on the same wifi, bluetooth enabled on both, wifi assist off.
Did you ever get your combo working again?

Yes, for me it started working again somewhen close to christmas. After that, no(t many) problems. Sometimes it took a while until Zwift Companion got it that I ride already, but once established, it usually worked.