No connection between Zwift (Ipad) and Companion (iphone)

Hello guys,
I always have the same problem. App companion (in iphone 7) doesn´t connect with the event when I’m riding or racing. The thing is sometimes does connect but most of them, doesn´t connect with zwift. I’m connected in the same Wifi.
Instead, with my laptop, there is no problem with that. Just when I use Zwift in my Ipad (always ride with it) and connecting with Companion in my Iphone is not possible, 95% of times.
Where can be the problem?? Does the same thing happen to someone??
Thanks in advance

Hi @Alejandro_Altava

Sorry that you’re having this issue. The usual cause for this is the two devices aren’t staying on the same wifi network. You’ll want to make sure that you’re iPhone and iPad are always on the same Wifi network. You can try putting your iPhone in airplane mode and see if that helps, or turning off cellular data to see if that helps with connecting the two apps.

If that doesn’t help, reach out to us so we can troubleshoot this further.

The two devices not being on the same network is the most common reason.

Something else in your case because you’re running the Companion app and the game app on iOS devices: both apps need Locations permissions in your iOS settings in order to use the WiFi radio hardware.

Follow these steps on Apple’s support site for both the Companion and Zwift game apps…