Zwift, Apple TV and companion app

Hi all. Just a quick one I have recently migrated from a desk top to Apple TV. Mainly because I have been moved from the office to the garage :joy::joy:.

I bought an apple tv 4K. I’m using the companion app to manage my devices as I use three when in zwift. I have found that connecting the companion app to be a little bit hit and miss. Sometimes it will connect without a problem and other times the Apple TV won’t find the companion app.

Have people had the same experience or have they a 100% way of connecting. I have been in touch with zwift and have followed their instructions with mixed results.

My experience may not be the same as everyone’s, but I have found no issues with pairing. Lucky perhaps. For cycling I use a Tacx Neo2 and Wahoo HRM. I don’t connect through the Companion App for cycling.

For the treadmill, I use a RUNN for speed, Zwift foot pod for cadence and Wahoo HRM. For this I do use the Companion App because the limitation on devices for Apple TV 4K. I’ve only been using this year, but have not had connection issues.

Both the Apple TV and phone need to be on the same network. People find that if their network reception drops too much the phone will switch to cellular data. Then you have the CA and the ATV on different networks. Some have to turn off cellular data to make sure this doesn’t occur.

Thanks I’ll knocking my cellular data off and see what happens. When it works it’s great. When it doesn’t it’s very frustrating. Have missed a few events because of not being able to get the connection right.

As mentioned above, disable your mobile data aka put your phone in airplane mode. That way, the Companion app only has wifi as a connection option. You might also want to double check the strength of the the wifi signal in the garage.

Thanks lin I’ll try what you suggested. I have used the companion all and atv in my living room and it worked with no issues. The wifi signal in the garage is fairly decent as I have a mesh router system and one of the satellite units is in the garage. I’ll keep persisting.

I have found that I have to start zwift on atv and then start the companion app.

Always start Zwift before starting the CA.