Apple TV better to use Bluetooth or ZC?

I just got a new 4K AppleTV. My TacX paired fine for power speed and cadence on one connection and my Wahoo Tickr paired for heart rate on the other.

Is this the best setup or should I be using the Zwift Companion app to control all the Bluetooth connections? Is one more accurate than. The other?

Anyone have any issues using the Apple TV’s Bluetooth? Any drops in signal?



I’ve hear direct to zwift on ATV is more stable than using companion.

I connect everything direct to the Apple TV. If you can avoid using the Companion app for pairing, do so. Not that the Companion app does not work, but that is an additional layer which means another possible source of problems.

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It’s worth noting that I’ve discovered a bug in the ATV bluetooth connection - visit this thread for details … Calibration for Wattbike Atom

Works perfectly for me. I’ve used the companion app with mixed success. I’d probably just use ATV as it;s quicker to connect.

Great! Thank you, everyone! I’m going to give it a test run today!


First ride was great! The graphics are amazing on the Apple TV versus my old computer. However my cadence is always in the sixties and I am spinning much faster than that. I have a tax flux doing the sensing.

Is there some firmware or something I need to update?



Use ATV connections and if you use the LAN connection instead of WIFI it will be rock solid.
Always check you are on the latest firmware - many smart trainers have only recently included cadence as part of the connection.