Zwift shows PRs of both users on AppleTV 4K


We have noticed a quite awkward behavior of Zwift on our Apple TV.

So, we have two accounts signed up for Zwift and using them via the Zwift app on an AppleTV 4K. We ride a Kickr Bike. When I (or my wife) ride the trainer it seems that Zwift draws the 30 days personal records for both of us, even though we are always riding with our own accounts. This happens for sprints, KOMs, lap, etc. It seem though that it does load things like badges, etc. correctly. This can be very confusing (and demotivating, especially when I see my wife’s KOM times ;-)).

Is this a known behavior? I cannot think that this is works as designed. My wife’s and my name are both starting with a T - if that might be a variable Zwift uses to look up those values and distinguishes between users…

Please support.



I had the same thing happen to me, but it was months ago (I may have posted here about it) and the 2nd user on our Apple TV hasn’t used it since so I don’t know if it’s still happening for us. But yes I’ve seen that on AppleTV 4K as well.

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Are you riding in a meetup when this happens.

No, it is happening in free ride definitely and I think also in group rides (not 100% sure though). Never did a meetup :slight_smile:

Free ride for me when it happens.

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