AppleTV Zwift Update - Log out and PRs Reset

Hi, everyone.

When you update your Zwift app on AppleTV, does it log you out and reset your Personal Records?

I’ve only been using AppleTV for a few weeks (had previously used my Mac) and the last two updates have caused this to happen. I’ve never had it happen on my Mac, so just wondering if it’s normal behaviour, or if there’s some way to avoid it.

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I have never had this happen when updating the app on ATV, only when deleting and reinstalling. These items (and I’m presuming you mean your power curve numbers, since the ‘in game’ PRs are only valid for 30 days) are also stored locally, so if you use Zwift on multiple devices you may see different numbers.


Your PR data is stored locally on whatever computer you use to Zwift (not on the Zwift server). So when you switched from the Mac to the ATV - it’s expected that your PR’s would not travel to the Apple TV.

Once on the Apple TV, your PR’s should persist if you are updating to a newer version. The update overwrites the game files, but preserves your PR data.

On the other hand, if you’re deleting Zwift from the Apple TV, then installing the new version - your PR data would be wiped out during that process. Which of these methods are you using to install the latest version?

This has happened to me like twice maybe three times since I started Zwifting on Apple TV back at the end of 2017. Normally it does not happen, but the few times it has I was left scratching my head.

I am not sure who I would blame for this issue, Zwift or Apple :joy:

But considering the number of updates, both Apple and Zwift since getting the Apple TV 4K, two or three times while inconvenient is nothing for me to get twisted over.

Fully aware that they’re not stored on the Zwift Servers, so I see different numbers to my other devices, as expected.

However, I am using the normal process to update - just updating the app in the AppStore. When I load the app again, it has logged me out and my PRs have been reset to zero.

This happened with the Makuri update, and the most recent one. I haven’t logged out or deleted the app to cause this to happen.

In response to your point that they ‘should persist’, they haven’t.

often i have found that often group rides don’t display your recent PBs ( from last 30 days)
this ws obvious after the tour of watopia, subsequent rides up the KOM didn’t show the previous rides times

Latest Zwift update has reset my in-game power PB’s yet again. Using AppleTV 4K.

I find this incredibly annoying. Either Zwift need to start storing these values on their servers, or they need to stop resetting them when there’s a game update. It seems to do it after the game logs you out (which doesn’t seem to happen after every update).

Those values are a really useful indicator of performance; a way to quickly check whether you’ve beaten a PB after an effort. Maybe in a sprint, or after more than 20 minutes of a huge effort. Having them reset like this is highly irritating.

Zwift, if you’re listening, please fix this.