Apple TV - Update Resetting Power Curve & Log In

The last two updates on ATV (1.19.0 and 1.19.2) have reset my log in as well as my power curve. Not a huge deal to have to log in again, but truly tired of having to re-establish my Zwift power curve (even if that has display issues all of its own).

Please correct for future updates so that this does not continue to occur.

That didn’t happen to me on the last update but it did on some of the previous ones, including either Sept. or Oct. It would also be nice if the power curve synced across multiple devices.

This happened a few times to me as well. I was annoyed each time, but have never taken the time to record the circumstances, i.e., Zwift update, AppleTV OS update, or both. It did not occur w/the recent Zwift updates or the latest AppleTV OS update :man_shrugging:

Interesting. So it seems like this might just be a ‘random occurrence’. I’m sure that will make it super-easy for Zwift to figure out! :wink:

Well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they’ll figure it out. Someday.