Power Curve and Personal Best data not saving [AppleTV] [Android] [March 2022] [SOLVED]

After the last update, my power numbers reset and continue to after each ride. All the legacy user data like miles, feet and hours climbed continue to update as usual. Essentially, each ride is like a new one in terms of power numbers. Anyone else experience this issue?

Are you referring to the “Your Bests” on the Pause menu zeroing out after each ride? Those values are stored on your local device whereas as the distance and elevation data is stored on the servers. If you’re seeing this on a mobile device or an Apple TV then there may have been some permissions that got messed up during the update and a reinstall should sort them out again.

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@Lucas_M : I’m definitely seeing this on every ride on ATV since the latest update, with power numbers ‘starting fresh’ after with each ride. What sort of ‘permissions’ are you talking about? I have had a few previous updates where the power numbers were reset, but this is the first time it is happening with each ride. This is something the Zwift developers need to sort out, as there should be no need to have to do a fresh install to correct the issue. I had to do that after 1.23, so to have to do it again after 1.23.1 is getting tiresome.

Hi @Matthew_Shrader

In addition to what my colleague Lucas asked, can you confirm if this issue is happening on Apple TV only or is it also happening in Zwift on your iPad or any other device you use for Zwift?

Hi. My apologies as I should’ve mentioned that. It is on Apple TV.


Hi @Matthew_Shrader

I just heard back from the team and received confirmation that what you’ve reported is a known issue that was identified around the time of the last Zwift update release. Our team is aware and working on a fix. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Will you let us know if we have to do anything to fix it ? Or if you fix it for us

Many thanks

Hey all - we’ll update this post with progress reports and a solution as soon as possible

With the latest update the power numbers seem to be starting ‘fresh’ with every ride on my Apple TV. Is anyone else having this issue? Two rides this evening and completely new power numbers for each of them.

Not sure if he is ATV …

I assume you’re referring to the power curve bests. If so, mine are stable. I rode earlier today and didn’t notice anything. I just fired up Zwift to check and they’re the same numbers, set before the most recent update.

No, my numbers are stable.

I’ve only had this issue once before and it was because I switched my Apple TV box off and back on to re-set Zwift after everything froze on me. Apparently this data is stored locally (not on Zwift’s servers) so can’t be returned to the previous values once it’s been reset. Is your ATV somehow periodically re-setting itself?

Hi @Nigel_Tufnel

Just for clarification, are you referring to the “Personal Best” scores (e.g. 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 20 minutes) that appear on the PAUSE screen in-game after pressing the MENU button?

@Steven_D , yes, those numbers. As well as the power curve graph itself.

UPDATE: Game version 1.23.3 (build 1.0.100641) fixes this bug, and was released moments ago.

Please update your device when it is available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

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Eh it’s probably not a bad thing being that the PD curve has been wrong for years. You can search for those various threads if you wish.

My Apple TV which was consistently used all this time reset power numbers once as above then have been stable but my old power curve #s aren’t included (which for part of the curve MAY be moot as I exceed them but never gonna hammer for 5 hours again … oh well probably will so).

But…it’s good to know what’s what I’m using training peaks too and often think huh that must be high (No have 10 higher 8 years ago - reality check).

Yeah I’m doing that checking randomly and when they pop up and reminding friends since the Apple TV doesn’t auto update (usually?). I heard long ago that one issue was centralizing all these files so when I get on a different device the power curve say among other things isn’t new. Other things like what kit/bike and more important stats updates but …. The power curve things seems late or intermittently just restarting.