Best Power data not saving

Is there anyone else experiencing issues with best power figures not being saved, or can offer assistance on what may be going wrong?

Here’s some info with photos of what I’m experiencing

22.Oct. 20k TT, I set a new FTP and 20min power best off 313w

13.Nov. Crit City Race, I set a new 5min power best of 360w, and it was showing a new 20min power best of 303w, which was not a best

28.Nov Watopia Free Ride, No new bests set, but my bests had dropped again to 5min 350w, and 20min 301w

2.Dec m. Ramp Test. New 5min power best of 377w set

4.Dec Neokyo Badge Ride. 3 new best power PR’s but only one was genuine (1min 573w) the 5min and 20min are lower than previously achieved

5.Dec. Neokyo Badge Ride. I set a new 1min power PR of 589w, but it’s also showing a 5min PR of 347w, which is incorrect.

It’s a nice feature so you can keep a track of your best figures, but in my case it’s not working correctly.

Is there a fix?

Is this all on the same device?

I think they are only saved locally and not synchronised so you only see the best power numbers for each device you use.

If it is the same device then I don’t know what the problem might be…

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I always Zwift using the same iPad, which is update to the latest iOS 15 software, it’s a minor irritation. There’s a facility there to save your best power figures and it’s clearly not working for some reason.