My "Your Best" power numbers are not updating

Hi all,

Used Zwift consistently two years ago and took a break until recently. When I got back on my account, I noticed that all my previous “Your Best” 5 second, 1 minute, 5 minute, and 20 minute powers were reset at 0. This was a bummer because I would love to see what I used to be able to output a few years back. I’m logged onto the same account and all.

Anyway, I decided to do a ride and set off on the Four Horseman loop, where I hit multiple sprint KOM efforts and did the Alp in under an hour, holding 250+ watts for the 55 minutes. When i ended that ride I noticed that my “Your Best” numbers were not representative of the effort I had just put out… it is listing my best 20 minute power at 161, for example.

What gives? Where does Zwift pull this power information from, and when/why is it deleted after a certain time? Is it possible that it just completely missed my last ride?


I’m not sure I can speak to why your best power for each of the time intervals did not update (or at least didn’t update to the value you expected), but for the numbers being reset to 0 when you started (after the long break), I am wondering if you are using a different device now than you were two years ago, or if you reinstalled Zwift along the way. Unlike some of your data (like overall mileage, XP, drops), the power data is device-specific. So for example, if you used Zwift on ATV yesterday and set record power numbers, and then Zwifted again today on an iPad you would not see the numbers from the ATV session. Likewise, if you had deleted and re-installed Zwift on the ATV overnight you would, again, be starting at zero.