How do I change or reset Best Efforts?

I started Zwift on a standard wheel-on trainer that never gave realistic zPower calculations, always too high based on what I know from irl riding 30+ yrs. I got hooked and bought a Kickr Core so now get realistic power readings and really enjoying the realistic feel. I’ll never reach those numbers from the old trainer again but would like to see how things are improving now. How do I reset those values? Do I have to create a new account?? I hope not. Any ideas appreciated!


Oh wow, you rock. Thank you!!

I’m using ios. What other data is lost when deleting the app? Is it really only “bests” that are lost? Concerned to lose all my miles, time, etc.

I can’t confirm 100% but IIRC you won’t lose miles by deleting the app. The data isn’t stored locally within the app but on Zwift’s servers which is tied to your account log-in info not the app itself on any particular platform.

For instance, I started zwifting on AppleTV but recently upgraded to a gaming PC and if all the data was tied to the specific app my miles wouldn’t show up on the PC but they are there. Again, just my two cents and not 100% guaranteeing anything.

Thanks for the quick reply. Hope to find which data is stored where, of course.

Nice idea about the gaming PC. May get my kid to do more zwifting by using that.

:ride_on: Don’t thank me, thank @Shane_Miller_GPLama :smiley:

And no, you won’t lose your mileage. For example, I Zwift on 3 different devices depending on the circumstances. The mileage, XP, Dropz are all the same. The power PBs are all different.


Just what I needed to know. Doing it now. Much appreciated! :slight_smile: