‘Your best’ power stats on pause menu not updating

Been riding on Zwift for a couple months and absolutely loving it! Fortunately I haven’t come across any bugs at all… until now. It’s minimal, but I thought best to point out to see if anyone else is having the same issue.

When in game, and on the pause menu, stats are displayed for maximum power over; 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes. These stats have stopped updating for me.
For example, I’ll get to the end of a ride, and before ending ride I’ll check the stats. Yay, I’ve increased my best power stay for each time! Ill then save the ride, and look forward to the next ride. The next ride comes along, I pause, but none of the stats have updated… they remain ‘stuck’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

They will only update if you exceed your previous best wattage outputs over those times.

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I’ve also noticed there will also be discrepancies between apps when you use your iPhone one day and your iMac the next.

That is because that data is stored locally and not on Zwift’s servers.


Hi Paul, cheers for your reply. I understand it’ll only update if the critical power exceeds previous.

As an update, and perhaps related, at the end of a workout, no ‘critical power’ is recognised on the workout summary screen… Any ideas?