Power Output Not Showing

Can someone tell me why my max power of 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes and 20 minutes doesn’t show up correctly? After the second last update, all my information was wiped for power output. This is a recent screenshot of my sprint a few days ago yet my stats only show 966 Watts. Is anyone else having these issues? Is there a fix?

Hiya Attila … welcome to the forums.

Firstly … impressive that you can take a photo while putting out those watts…I’d be falling off my bike!!

I think you are referring to the post-ride stats?

Those stats are held locally on your device, so if you have reinstalled Zwift without saving the data, then its gone. The Zwift support reinstall process has a step for grabbing your personal data.

If you havent reinstalled Zwift and those stats are going missing, best to hit up Zwift Support directly.

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Also, Zwift only shows the 5-second power at the end of the ride, and what you see on your screen is either 3-second or instantaneous power, depending on how you’ve set up your display options. So, if you only held that power for a second or two, and then let off, it’s certainly possible that 966 could be your 5-second average. (It’s hard to tell how long you held that power because the top of your power graph is higher than Zwift displays at the bottom of the screen.)

Also, from the screenshot it looks like you are on ZPower. Perhaps there is some sort of ‘factoring’ done when not using an actual power meter that caused this? I don’t know, just speculating.

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Thanks for the responses; I held above 1000 watts for 15 seconds. I am using Wahoo Kickr, which is pretty accurate with power. I may have to contact swift; it does bother me as I like to see my progress.

Haha, I recorded the ride and took a screenshot in case this happens again. Yes, I am referring to the post-ride stats. My best doesn’t show up, which is frustrating. It happened after the update before Christmas; if I were to go on today and sprint, it wouldn’t register. I’ll have to contact zwift, I guess. I shouldn’t have this problem; none of my friends do.

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Hi @Attila_A1, one thing you should try is to force close Zwift by double clicking the TV button on your Apple remote and swiping Zwift away then relaunching it. It looks like your last 6 rides have all been on the same app session without a full close in between which is something the Apple TV is known for doing since it likes to keep apps minimized in the background instead of fully closing them.

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I tried brother…

What basically happens for the “your best” row is that every time you close Zwift it saves a copy of the “this ride” row, and every time you launch Zwift it checks those copies for the highest in each column to make the “your best” row. If a new record wasn’t saved when it was achieved then it’s gone for good since these come from data on your device and not the server. Making sure Zwift fully closes each time should take care of it not saving and allow new records to get recorded.