ZwiftPower Personal Best Power Outputs Mixed Up


Recently my zwift power profile seems to be a bit messed up.

On the main profile tab, the stats for best 15 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 20 min are all mixed up on the watts side, but seem to be fine on the w/kg side. When you hover over the watts for 15 sec it says 15 sec 100% and 20 mins 785 watts. 1 min is saying 75.46%, 20 mins 442 watts. It’s similarly messed up for 5 mins and 20 mins.

I checked to see if similar issues were showing up on other peoples profiles and they are. So I tried accessing zwift power from my mobile to see if the issue was specific to my PC, but the same issue is seen from from my mobile as well.

The fact that I don’t see this issue being reported on the forums makes me think there is an issue with my zwiftpower account? Can someone please take a look?

Thanks and regards
Zwift Power Bug

Mine is the same. The tooltip just says 20 minutes where it should say 15 seconds/1 minute/5 minutes. The data is right.

It’s suddenly working ok now, not sure if someone fixed something behind the scenes, if so, thank you :slight_smile: