Critical Power and PR (20min, 5min, etc.) dropped/changed

I noticed lately that my 20min PR in Zwift (the chart at the end of each ride) shows numbers that aren‘t correct. My Critical Power is also wrong.

I haven‘t done an FTP Test on Zwift and my 20min PR is at 275W for over a year now. But I recognized a couple of weeks ago that Zwift now says my PR is 245W. Some other numbers also seem to have dropped.

I changed nothing on behalf of my setup (Zwift App on IPad Pro, Elite Direto) and did all my workouts, rides, etc with this setup. I did not use any other trainers, devices or profiles. And I also did not delete any workouts. The numbers somehow changed/dropped. The only thing I changed was my weight by one kg and I used zwiftpower more often.

Any idea why? Does anyone else have the same problem?

I have noticed that if I install Zwift on two different computers then each category for critical power/PRs will populate with the best numbers that I put out on whatever computer I was using. Thereby being different. It also happens if I delete Zwift. When I reinstall the app, all stats are reset and ready for new PRs/critical power. Not sure if either of those two scenarios apply to you though.

Thanks for your repl! Since I’m aware of the fact that you may have different PRs when you‘re using more devices for training I only used my IPad for Zwift and no other devices.
No clue why it changed and to be honest it‘s a bit annoying.

No prob. Not sure but maybe an update of the OS or the Zwift app wiped your power curve out.

Things seem to be back to normal regarding the „critical Power“ curve. It shows my 20min best at 275W. But the chart at the end of each ride still shows a different/lower number.

Hi Stephan, did you ever get this sorted? I have the same problem!

Have the same issue here now. Only use one device and my critical power hasn’t updated from last years bests. My training peaks shows my peak power way higher than zwift graph since it is not updating after each new best power.