Critical power flats at the end of each race

Hi, i notice in the latest races that all of my power data at the end of each races is flat. I have checked other players and they have the same issue. Not all of them, but almost everyone .
I attached some picture.
First one are my last races, all of them keep my power curve completely flat in the last 30-60 seconds.

But i have check other players, and most of them have the same issue.

In this case zwiftpower says i did in my last 15" 234W, in strava is more than 900W

Anyone has a solution for this issue?

You’re checking too soon. The green lightning bolt next to the power numbers indicates that the FIT files have not been processed yet. Wait until those are blue to draw any conclusions.

Yes save your ride activity as public.

Ooh yeah what he said. I misread the post and thought that was one event.

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Thank you Ian.
I have checked the “Default activity settings” in Zwift Companion, and despite it was in “Public” all my activities since March 2023 were private.
I have change manually all of them to Public, but my profile has not change even after a refresh, so i suppose it will start to change from now on.
Thank you!.