Power curve flat lines at the peak

Hi my power curve flat lined at the top end in the last two events. Frustrating as I was going for 15sec power runs. Anything I can do? I’ve made sure everything is public.



Where are you seeing that it flatlined?

Hi, thanks for replying. In the power figures and in the power curve. Hopefully the attachment works.

Ah, you might want to post this in the ZwiftPower section of the Forum. I want to say that I’ve seen some posts about this, though, and it possibly has something to do with files that have not yet been processed. I don’t use ZP, though, so I may be way off on this.

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Spot on Nigel.

@Steve_RYDER_HCcc you will see in the results that you have a few race results using live data, not fit file. They are the ones giving that result.

Live data is a problem in ZP at the moment and is being addressed - keep an eye on this thread for resolution which should address your issue:

Thank you Dean and Nigel. Much appreciated.

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