Please debug power curve

Dear Zwift.
I have seen that this issue is around since April (Zwift power curve is bad). For me it is around since August.

Since the beginning of Zwift academy, the Power curve display after the race under the header “Critical Power” is off.

It is not that it is wrong, but the curves for “current race” and “best” are far apart, even if they are only off by 1watt.

On Zwiftpower I can see “the right comparison” but only for rides that are listed with Zwiftpower. So I am not able to compare my training rides to my “all time bests” to see how good I performed.

Is that not a thing that can be easily fixed?

PS: I am running Zwift on iPad app.

I think I have the same issue. I can even set new PRs but then need to manually check for where the lines should converge.

Please fix this issue, Thanks