Understanding critical power curve

Hey everyone I’m trying to understand my zwift critical power curve. How can my five minute power be so much lower than my twenty minute power? I think maybe I don’t understand what’s being displayed here. Pic attached.

Hi Stryde, welcome to the forums. That is certainly an odd looking Critical Power curve. It looks to me like there was an issue while processing the data for that curve so the orange line isn’t accurate. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on there but in practice your 20 min power will almost have some high and low power that average out to the number you see. For this reason it’s expected that your power curve will ramp like the “best” curve does continually getting higher as the time duration gets shorter.

O there is a long standing issue with that curve that Zwift can’t solve.

If you move your mouse over the different parts you will see what the numbers show and the plot shows doesn’t match.

Ok as long as it’s a known bug. Any fix date on the horizon?

3+ years and counting. Zwift don’t care about this because most people probably don’t understand what’s going on. More routes in the Neon city probably take priority.