Missing power curve data

About 90% of the time after a ride my power curve data is missing. Happens after races, groups, and workouts (private and group). I’ve tried waiting until the “take you back to…” message goes away, etc. Using AppleTV 4K.

Moreover, my best 15sec/1min/5min/20min powers seem to be forgotten from session to session. I’ll do a PR today and then tomorrow it will show my old PR. Related?

Sorry if this is a repeat. I couldn’t find this after searching through topics.

I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying. The power curve data only shows at the very end of the ride, just before you exit and save. And, even, then, you generally have to go to the top of the page and scroll over to the ‘Critical Power’ page to see your power curve. Also, is it possible you are logged in to Zwift on multiple devices? This might be what is preventing your data from updating. I, also, use Apple TV and have never experienced what you are describing.

We’re talking about the same thing. After a ride, I go to the screen you described. Sometimes I’ll see the data for my current ride. Other times, only my best power will show. Your idea about being logged in on multiple devices is something I hadn’t considered. As far as I know, I only ever have the AppleTV and Companion App open, but occasionally I’ll log in on my computer to update custom training plans. I’ll give that a try. Thanks.