30 day PR never shown

All, I have similar issues to those posted previously where none of my 30day PR data is ever shown even though I have risen the route the prior week.

I see that others have the same issue… is this a Zwift bug?

Is there a way to get Strava segment times flash on Zwift to reverse engineer the problem and find a different way to test myself?

I appreciate your guidance and help… it’s doing my nut at the moment,

Toro x

Is this during an event, or during a free ride? If during an event, your 30-day times won’t show because the times are only for that event. If during a free ride, though, this definitely sounds like a bug.

Thanks, it’s during meet ups where we are doing the same route.
The goal should be that the route is saved irrespective of the underlying event… or am I crazy to think that?


I suspect a meet up is an event and so the PBs will not be there from previous rides.

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Personally, I agree. I think my 30-day PB should show regardless of whether I am in a event, or not. Apparently, however, Zwift does not. :wink:

There are times I’ve even done the same timed segment more than once in the same event and my prior time doesn’t show up the second time on the segment.

Should your PR’s be recorded if in a meetup with keep everyone together enabled? Seems like they wouldn’t be accurate if you are getting artificial assistance up a hill or on a sprint, or could be artificially slowed if the others aren’t as strong as you.

Agreed, but you are only cheating yourself as it’s your PB… I just feel Zwift would be better if it scored you vs your PB… same as when you get to the end of the mountain it gives you a predictive finish time.

I’m competitive, adding in PB would be awesome.