Alpe du Zwift: leg times no longer retained? [June 2022] [SOLVED]

Latest trip up AdZ, I noticed my PBS for each of the 22 legs were no longer shown. The weird graph for my current pace vs PB was not visible either.

Noticed as of 1.26.1 - AppleTV, if that matters.

I think I noticed this last night.

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Same here since 1.26.0 on Win10 :thinking:


I suspect this may have happened when we extended 30 day PRs to 90.

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I don’t suppose anyone has a screenshot where it did show a segment PR?

I’ve been trawling YouTube and I can’t find any.

With the current version ( it starts to show on your third climb in the same ride ) or pre 1.26 ?


Pre 1.26 so I can show our developers what it used to look like.

Do you mean like this one? It shows the PR value for a segment, but not achieving it:

Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick.


Perfect, thank you.

Cool. It’s from 3 Oct 2021 on iPadOS (always updated to latest OS and Zwift game version), in case you need to find out which release it was on.

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Everyone - this bug’s being worked on. We’ll update this thread as we make progress toward a fix.


Hey all, this bug has been fixed in game version 1.27.0 which releaed today. Please update Zwift at your earliest convenience and let us know if everything’s working as it should now (or not). Thanks for your patience.