No longer seeing the Alpe du Zwift segment timer

Hi all,

I am not sure if I have press a ‘shortcut’ and hidden it, but last week I rode the “Road to Sky” route 3 times. The first two I saw a breakdown of each segment of the climb, showing my PR, average watts etc etc. The third time I rode it wasn’t there. I again rode that route again this morning and still cant see it. Has it been removed or have I turned it off somehow?

Many thanks,
Chris Y

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve come across a couple of concerns with the segment PR GUI over the last week. I’m going to create an email support ticket for you so I can get our Tier 3 team involved. Please check your inbox when you have a chance.

I’m having the same issue, I loved the segment timer and it really drove me to get up the mountain faster.

It is also missing for me.


I had received a email saying they were aware of this, and then a further message saying this had been fixed. I had my first opportunity to ride Alpe du Zwift since being told this had been fixed, but the segment is still missing. Annoyingly I also just got a email saying my ticket had been closed as I hadn’t replied in 5 days (while I was waiting for the Watopia course to be available again).

I will send them my files & screenshots them Zwift again and see if they open another ticket.


I can confirm that is was not working for me yesterday at 7am bst.




I’m having the same issue, I can’t see the previous anymmore.