Segment timer on Alpe du zwift

(Mike Day) #1

Rode the Alpe this morning and the segment timer appears to have reverted back to not showing your pb time whilst riding a particular segment. It is only on view before the segment starts and then disappears,so unless you can remember your time you have no reference to aim against. Any ideas. I’m using Apple TV by the way.

(Steven D) #2

Hi Mike,

It’s been a few weeks since you posted about the segment timer. We’ve had some game updates in that time. Can you check again and let me know if it’s still an issue? Thanks!

(Max Newton) #3

I had that exact same issue yesterday. Its quite annoying when your are trying to chase your PB’s.

(Godmother Fox) #4

Well, let me resurrect this old thread, as it seems the problem still persists…

Two days ago I rode Alpe dZ for the second time … there is table/list with my PB segment’s times … but as I entered a segment, I couldn’t see the particular PB time anymore … so you have to remember it … which is not too much convenient, is it?

Note: I did my best to check the whole screen, all readings there, but couldn’t find anything like timer I’m trying to “beat”. Or did I miss something ?

btw: I run Zwift on AppleTV and use iPad companion app