Strange segment at Alpe du Zwift


Recently I was awarder a few PR on a very short segment on Alpe. This segment is so short, that the PRs are only 1s or 2s long.

It shows just after turn 11 - I see ghost that is pointed at a wrong direction (downhill) and a few moment later PR is awarded.

Please look at my activity 1294822714518814736 where I got it 2 times - uphill and downhill.

There were quite a few segments/extra power ups/Easter eggs added for Tour of Watopia some of which are active in non-tour rides as well. They will go away after the ToW is over.

Yes, I know about that. But having segment that is only 1 second long seems to be a bug, even only for ToW.

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I had this happen as well back in January.