Alp D'Zwift segment PR problems

Last few times on the “Alp” I’ve noticed my first 3 segment PRs are 13 seconds , 10 and 3 seconds. How is this possible. Not even going down hill would result in those times.

Also are there no segment PRs for the last 6-7 segments? The last 3 times up show no 30 day PR times for those segments.



There’s another thread somewhere about this issue. It has been present for several month ( at least on Windows ) and just proves that Zwift doesn’t really care about fixing what should be a quick fix ?
At least the pain of climbing the Alp is still the same, and you still get the gloves at the top :wink: :laughing:


Edit… the other post is here.: Alpe Du Zwift Sectors 1, 2 and 3 Show Incorrect PRs

Totally right about getting the gloves. It’s all I’ve got. At least I get 250XP now :roll_eyes: