Alpe Du Zwift Sectors 1, 2 and 3 Show Incorrect PRs

Still broken after latest update. Either bad data from Ventoux activities or bad code but it can’t be anything particularly complicated. Turn an intern loose on this one and let them get an easy win on behalf of lots of customers.

Well, after months of waiting I think the first 3 sectors that show PRs on Alple Du Zwift have been fixed. I hit the Alpe today, after a hiatus, and it looks like the sector PRs are working as expected.

See screen dumps.

Can anyone else conform this?

Ride on!

This problem still exists.
On the TdZ today, it was showing less than a minute for each of the first 3 turns.
The remaining turns had no PR, even though I had done the Alpe on 30 December.

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I did the Uber Pretzel today.
Sectors 1, 2, and 3 showed under a minute for PR.
Unbelievable that this issue still remains after 7 months.

Hi Dan,

I haven’t noticed the last 3 ascents. If there still is a error, it’s really poor by Zwift.

Sure is still a problem, as of 18 Jan.

Any chance those who are still seeing it have ridden Ventoux (like maybe in a TdZ event) since this was last “fixed”? Maybe they cleared out the bad raw data at some point (people have been saying that their sector PRs were unexpectedly blank)…but they didn’t actually fix the original, clearly Ventoux-related bug that contaminates the first 3 Alpe sector PRs? if so that would be extraordinarily (but not unexpectedly) lame. I suggest this because I have NOT ridden Ventoux lately, and I rode the Alpe on 1/15 (workout mode so I didn’t see sector PRs either way) and then again a few days ago and I think my sector PRs were OK including 1-3.

I did part of Ventoux once, a few months ago. My AdZ data is all screwy - first segment shows 50 seconds, the rest did not seem to “stick” (was blank even if I rode it the week before). Now all segments seem to be populated with reasonable data, except the first one still stuck at 50 seconds. I just ignore it - even more so since I’m doing TrainerRoad workouts while going up, so my segment times are all over the place depending on when the intervals and the rests land on the road.

So the hypothesis that the Ventoux climb is polluting the AdZ data is plausible. How are Ventoux segments organized? Km? Turns?

Why would this have anything to do with Ven-Top?

Ven-Top doesn’t have any sub-segments like AdZ does, and is one climb to the top without numbered bends etc.

There aren’t any segments on the Ven-Top climb.

There goes that hypothesis then. Unless the AdZ segments somehow made it into the Ventoux code - so segment times are calculated based on AdZ distances, but not displayed anywhere - not an impossibility.

It’s still screwy, regardless of the cause.

Just checked my ride history out of curiosity: the date for the weird first segment of my AdZ data is Jan 4 - the date when I rode (partly) up Ventoux.

Yeah, there’s something there.

It is correct that there are no sectors (displayed) on the Ventoux climb, but it was pretty well established back in the fall that some code re-use or un-altered database reference there was the cause of the problem on the first 3 Alpe sectors. They go bad when you ride Ventoux - the invalid short splits on the Alpe are date stamped with the date the person rode Ventoux, and they are much faster than a realistic Alpe split, so they stick as "PR"s…there are either just those 3 cases of some sort of overlapped data, or however many other spurious overlaps exist are generally longer than the Alpe sectors so they don’t displace the Alpe PRs. Can’t explain it, never seen the code or schemas - I was skeptical at first too, until I looked closer at the timing of my data corruption vs. my Ventoux climb… the overall code base is clearly spaghettified enough that this sort of botched re-use side effect is plausible (otherwise so many other things would be easily fixed).

Yeah, as I indicated i checked my ride history, and there’s a match. That 50s sector 1 comes from the day I rode Ventoux.

This problem is still a BIG issue, it can really mess with your pacing strategy if you’re going for a PR. I think they might be timing the descent for the segments instead of the climbs, thus giving it a short time.

This is still an issue and as stated above looks like it’s caused by riding Ven-Top. Personally not a timing issue for me as I do too many intervals on the Alpe to use the PRs as a useful pacing guide. However, it just looks bad - it would not be acceptable if TV companies showed such nonsense data on a live broadcast and it’s equally unwelcome here.

I still cling on to the hope that i really did do the first segment in 15 seconds once upon a time! haha

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The date matches with Ven-Top climbs in my case as in many others - not with AdZ descents. Probably (yet another) dumb coding mistake that will still be there in 3 years, like the London hills slope indicator. SQA and bug fixing don’t appear to rank very high in the list of priorities at Zwift Inc.