Choose to delay update

Zwift wouldn’t upload this morning and I had to go “old school” with boring videos. A couple of tries and a re-boot and it’s working again. Has anyone else suggested the option to delay update until next session. Then I don’t have to miss out on a few laps of the Island and can update at leisure.

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We’ve planned to add the idea of updates that are optional, and ones that are mandatory, but right now we need everybody on the same version so we can have valid tests and get accurate feedback for beta.

What I’d be interested in hearing about is why the update was failing. If you were getting errors codes, have you opened a support ticket?

Thanks for the prompt reply. I did wonder if that might be the case. I didn’t raise a support ticket. The updating message came up then it just stopped working and closed down. Tried it twice then gave up. Re-boot, tried it again and it is now working. I guess the update did work but something didn’t complete. All fine now.