Update not working?

Been a busy week and I missed TDZ 5, but am signed up for TDZ 6 today. Loaded it up, and needed to update. Updated failed Went all through the loading bar, but then failed at the end. Exited and loaded in again, just sits with full update bar, but no update. Can’t get in. Thanks for any help.

Did you try to click the X button on the top and restart?

Was able to get things going just in time for number six. Had to restart my computer, reupdate, accept some agreement, install a desktop link and then it took. It was like I was installing zwift for the first time with a launcher and everything.

Yes Zwift required the latest launcher this Time

What’s odd for me is that Zwift didn’t visibly update today, first time I’ve used it since the new-new update. I was one of the fortunate ones who didn’t have problems with the new (but not new-new) update. But I got no popup ‘Zwift wants to update’ that I usually get, and when I ran Zwift an hour before my event to let it update…there was no updating to be done, at least not that I saw. I’m on 1.33.1, but somehow it all happened behind the scenes for me. Haven’t experienced that with Zwift before.

Same for me. No visible sign it was updating behind the scenes.