Update today 5/12/22

There was an update today…don’t know if it was today or yesterday but since I wasn’t on yesterday it came today. Here’s how it went.

  1. Zwift told me it needed to update - I gave permission (Windows 11)
  2. Zwift updated (or appeared to update) and then flashed message about failing at line 602.
  3. I closed the window since nothing more was happening and restarted the app.
  4. Zwift brings up an update screen that says it’s still only maybe 60% done with update.
  5. I wait until it finishes and then I click on ‘Let’s go’ at which point Zwift says it needs to do an update.
  6. Update comes up again…

Honestly…you guys are crap at this, the update process is awful and has been since day one. How is it possible you’ve gotten buy with such garbage for so long? I commented on this several years ago about not knowing when the update was done or whether it’s ok to click on the Let’s Go or any of it. How is it that you can’t write a reasonable update process that doesn’t leave the customer in a position of not knowing what is going on or where you are in the process.

This is absolutely stunning to be in 2022 and have the same barfy update system and such a ridiculous process at that which happened to me today.

Fix it.

EDIT: the update destroyed my install, had to delete the application and do a complete reinstall, thanks.

Never once had a problem updating the game on Windows. Today’s was no exception.

These patch errors typically occur when some part of the data downloaded fails a validity check. Changing network often resolves it, presumably because it forces a fresh download.

same here. also share the opinion on the user friendliness of the updater.

Proposed solution didnt work for me, also had to re-install the entire application. Not so nice

best wishes.