Updating Zwift Issue (3/27/2020)

Zwift is going to get annoyed with me quick. I finished my ride today, and then try to reopen it, and it is saying I need to update it. Now, in the past, it would do this automatically, no issues. But this time it is saying I need to be an administrator to do this. I have those rights, and it still isn’t working.

Is this a me issue, or a Zwift issue? Just curious if anyone else is having this problem.

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What OS are you using?

@Mike_Rowe_KZOO.velo I am using Windows.

@Austyn_Hughes there’s a few out-of-the-norm situations where Windows doesn’t want to install smoothly. They’re outlined on our support hub. Would you see if any of those apply to you?

Also want to be clear: did you force the install as admin by right clicking over the installable EXE file and choosing the Run as Admin?

@shooj, yes I did try to do the run as administrator route.

I have 122 GB of space left on my hard drive. Is that the issue? Is there anything i could delete from my Zwift files that would free up any space?

I’m sure, Zwift doesn’t need that much space.
I’m running it on a PC with a 120GB SSD :smiley:

Sometimes things get corrupted during an auto-update. I’m going to ask you to manually uninstall a bunch of stuff, then manually re-install.

Please see this previous thread:

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@shooj alright. Lets hope I don’t screw this up. Thanks for the help by the way.

@shooj when I go to “Program Files (x86)” Zwift isn’t in there.

Still am not able to update Zwift on my computer. I tried following the procedure above, but I do not have the Zwift in my x86 folder.

Any continued help would be greatly appreciated.

Deleting the Zwift folder is part of what I asked you to do, so that sounds correct.

Did you then manually download and install the game app from zwift.com/download ?

If so, that process should have created a new Zwift folder. Did that happen?