2 years in and still no progress

  1. Ghost rider
  2. more then 30 day PR storage
  3. resistance modifier
  4. Save and ride, or join a new ride without having to close the app
  5. When connection drops how about you keep the last wattage for 5 seconds so we don’t get crushed out of a pack
  6. Dynamic group building mid ride
  7. Prevent people from riding in lower grades for certain races (see hounds and hare)
  8. Handicap racing (allows for different skill sets to compete and ride together)
  9. stop allowing Zpower in events. give them their own server
  10. Custom shirt designing
  11. Better friends support, create friends, see if they are riding and be able to join them

Please don’t jump the line… :grinning:

It simply doesn’t happen. New roads are all the rage.

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  1. Customizable HUD
  2. Get to Garage without having to Ride
  3. Exact Distance listed for every Route, including Lead-In (in game, not some 3rd party website)

‘2 years’ is very generous.


Could care less about this list as long as new roads keep coming. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I would love something that would stop fast runners joining the slower races.

And I’m a runner - what do I need a garage for?

Should runners have a ‘closet,’ instead?

I’ve got to keep my socks somewhere, Nigel.


I think a challenge on custom kits is that all of the jersey designs worn by anyone are included in each game release. So if individuals can design their own, then they’ll see them on their display, but others won’t see them. Zwift would need to change the way it handles graphics, from fully local, to remotely (designs distributed via wifi when riders get close to you).

Zwift seems to be the new Strava in terms of how it treats its customers. Features that would be useful (or are in fact bug fixes, such as the baseline resistance being too low) are ignored in favour of stuff that is useful for 1% of customers. Why even have a feature request forum if you aren’t going to get involved with the community - your paying customers - to get the features implemented as your customers want. Do you even have product managers or customer relationship managers? It’s really bad form and makes me wonder if i made the right decision to invest my time in this product.


as someone who is fairly new to Zwift the majority of the features listed in this thread are things i have voted on. its really disappointing to see how delayed these requests are.