Several Requests

I originally posted these in the Feedback forum, but seems like this is the more relevant place.  Should I break these down into separate posts…?  Naw, they’re numbered…

1)  END RIDE, SAVE, AND DON’T EXIT.  The Zwift Application takes a while to start up, log in, and pair devices.  Please let us stop, switch courses, do a group ride, do a workout, do a warm up, do a cool down, all without having the app quit and log us out.

2)  SEGMENTS.  Allow users to define segments for themselves.  Within Zwift, not some other application.  Perhaps allow sharing with followers.  

3)  GHOSTS.  Create a ghost rider of my best ride, and maybe my last ride, over a course full loop, a Zwift segment (KOM, Sprint, etc.), a user defined segment (see #2 above).  Probably give a toggle to turn the ghost on or off.  It actually wouldn’t even need to be a ghost - a moving line on the road or even just a live +/- timer would do, although either of those displays would probably be less fun.  (A gym I used to go to had stationary bikes by Expresso Fitness.  There were dozens of courses and a ghost of your best ride on each course was remembered and displayed.  Personally I found these ghosts to be incredibly motivating.  Who wants to be beaten by their former self?)

4)  ALTITUDE COMPENSATION.  Level the playing field.  A rider on a trainer at 7000’ is at a distinct disadvantage when competing against someone on a trainer at sea level. It could be implemented by leaving the displayed power as is, but giving a percentage boost to the power entered into the physics engine.  Make it optional and perhaps add a small indicator for riders who are Altitude Compensated (similar to the icon indicating riders with a power meter).

5)  ABILITY TO VIEW/HIDE OTHER RIDERS.  Occasionally I just want a nice quiet ride on my own.  Sometimes I’d like to see only the riders in my group ride.

6)  WORKOUT TRACKING AND ANALYSIS.  More analysis and graphs of our rides and workouts.  Add including tracking progress over time for FTP, maximum power, average power, estimated VO2 max, etc.  Maybe even some anonymous comparisons to the Zwift community as a whole.

7)  LENGTH OF DAY.  Shadows moving so fast they are passing me on the road is a little disconcerting!  I don’t mind riding at different times of day, but I don’t need to experience a full 24 hours during a single ride.  Slow the Zwift Earth’s rotation by at least a factor of four.

All of these have been suggested many times before and hopefully will get implemented at some time.

Make sure you do a search and vote up the existing requests so Zwift knows what the users want.


No vote for altitude compensation. Just something else that can be abused. What about compensation for those of us using power meters against those people using budget smart trainers with only + / - 10% accuracy (on a good day) and usually on the + side?


There are already lots of ways to cheat, if you want to do so.  Lower the tire pressure and increase the pressure on your roller during calibration.  Enter a lower body weight or height.

Lack of altitude compensation just encourages riders at high elevation to use one of those methods in order to compete fairly with riders at sea-level.  Does reducing my entered weight and height by 10% equate to riding in Denver?  Who knows.  I’d rather see it done properly.