Needed features


How about everyone post some features they think need to be added.

First: Ghost data. Think of mario kart when you are doing time trial laps that it gives you your all time or current session best lap to try and beat. It would be a good way to pace yourself for training or to see how you have improved.

Second: Set a virtual peloton that you can set to pace you to sit on their wheel or try and pass.

Anyone else have some ideas?

I love the ghost idea. I think someone else just suggested that as well. The virtual peloton sounds pretty cool as well! I’m adding both to a list to bring up to the team!

I’ve been thinking about the Ghost in relation to workouts. For example, when using other training software packages to do FTP tests, the one I’ve used most sets your target wattage 5% higher than your current FTP. Zwift could do the same thing putting you on a virtual TT course, velodrome, whatever, then putting a ghost rider in front of you as a pacer. The ghost would then ride a set wattage for the duration of the test to help you pace your effort.

The same sort of paradigm could be used for interval workouts. Say you’re doing a 2x20 threshold workout. Your ghost could lead you through the warmup then pace you through the intervals. At the start of hard efforts, the screen would (could/should) display a 5 second counter. Once the counter is done the ghost rider would go to the drops, and start hammering at a watts per kilogram equal to your current FTP and weight. He’d hold the effort for the duration of the interval. 5 seconds before the end, the countdown timer appears and once it hits zero the ghost waves a hand, sits up, and paces you at your rest wattage. Rinse and repeat. I think this would work for all kinds of intervals. For things like VO2 Max intervals Zwift could provide you with a bunch of sprint segments and you could race the ghost for the duration of the interval.

Although I agree that this would be an awesome feature, I believe it should be something that is “selectable” for a given workout. I would not always want it on for example. There are workouts where this would absolutely make sense but in a free ride type situation or racing others where it would not make sense. The ability to select or deselect before the start of a workout would be great.

I agree. I was thinking about in terms of specifically selecting “workout” vs. “ride.” In my head when I’m thinking “workout” I’m specifically thinking about intervals or something structured. Otherwise you’d go to “ride” and use Zwift like we’re doing right now.

Setting to remind you to fuel. Then play a sound and on screen visual of consuming the fuel (like it does now with water when riding slow). I.E. Take fuel every X minutes then play sound Y. Where X is an integer and Y is a sound you can choose from a list(chime/horn/cow bell) or mp3 file you could set.

It would be nice to have a better visual representation of when you are in the ideal draft position. The popup with the distance meters is OK, but not ideal. A display that shows your watts savings could be one way. The better you are positioned, the more watts you save.

I was going to suggest Ghost data also. Glad to see someone already did.

Other ideas.

  1. Ghost data for 1 lap or or other distances that you have covered. If I rode a 20K, I want ghost data for my 20K PR to try and beat.

Rankings based on all time and daily. Rankings for 5K, 10K, etc.

Ratings based on performance. Place riders in Cat 1, 2, 3, etc based on their past performance. Show rankings based on your cat level.

Jerseys and gear based on Cat level. Organized races for riders within their cat level.

If someone isn’t riding, take them off the road or at least move them to the side.